References for Python

Tutorials / Books

Python Tutorial at W3Schools W3Schools provides references and tutorials for many programming languages and areas of application (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, C#, Kotlin, Go, Node.js, PHP and many more).

The Python Tutorial at

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

Shaw: Learn Python3 the Hard Way


Python Package Index Official repository of software for Python.

Awesome Python A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

Text processing

TextBlob – Simplified Text Processing

Translate API – Access several translation interfaces

Markovify – A simple, extensible Markov chain generator

textstat - Calculate statistics from text

Image processing

pymatting — alpha matting

ImageAI — Computer Vision

Video processing

MoviePy - Python module for video editing


Matplotlib — Static, animated and interactive visualizations

ProPlot — Matplotlib wrapper

Plotly — Graphing library for Python

Bokeh — Interactive data visualization

Seaborn — Statistical data visualization in Python

pygal — Beautiful python charting

Streamlit — The fastest way to build and share data apps

Generative design

Flat — Generative infrastructure for Python



Web scraper/ parser

BeautifulSoup ‒ Scrape information from websites

Instaloader - Download images/ videos from instagram

mediawiki – Scrape wiki pages

mwparserfromhell ‒ Parser for MediaWiki wikicode.

Selenium – Automate web browser interaction

Web App

Flask — WSGI web application framework

FastAPI — Restful APIs with Python

Streamlit — Turn data scripts into web applications


pyimgui – Wrapper for Dear imgui

DearPyGui – A simple Python GUI Toolkit

pyglet — Windowing, Games, Feature-rich applications


click – Command Line Interface Creation Kit

typer — Typer, build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type hints.


PyAutoGUI – Automate interactions with other applications

Visual / Data flow environment

Ryven — Flow-based visual scripting for Python

PyFlow — Visual scripting framework for python


pyprind – Python Progress Indicator

scipy - Scientific Library for Python

PDF Generation

fpdf2 – PDF document generation

PageBot – Scripted page layout framework

PDF Extraction

pdfplumber – Extract information and content of a pdf.

PyPDF2 – PDF Toolkit.

pdfminer.six – PDF parser and analyzer. Successor of PDFMiner – Text extraction tool.